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Loosing myself in the claws of reality

Soothing myself in the dark corners of my own vanity.

Looting the treasures of my souls deepest mines, a goldmine of thoughts lost in the dark matrix of time.

Selling my minds deepest secrets to the highest bidder, a reflection of me dancing to the tune of the mesmerising fiddler.

Questions rises; Soul where have thou gone? or more truly;

what have I done?

Waiting for a life to be, a true meaning for me. Imagining a better reality for you and for me.

It’s all a lie, I just want to fly, rely. But all I have to do is stop to deny and justify.

Every moment of my life

Doesn’t need to be

full of failure, misery, a long struggle, my souls biggest strife.

All I have to do is to let go, it’s hard to understand, it’s like my life’s a show and I can’t control,

I think I didn’t even write the script or decided to enroll.

That’s also a lie.

I can’t fin the reason, I guess I have to stop throwing the pie, get my act together , be responsible and take control.

I’m the only one who decides the plot of the movie that’s my life, not to sit by but to carefully choose my role.

Every second I have a chance to become who I want to be and what to believe, what into the world send, and what to recieve.

So much trouble in the world around, so much ignorance and egos to find. We live in the dark age of information but the world is still round.

Time is ticking and everything happens so fast, I barely understand the concept of the other and what happened in that first, big blast.

The plot thickens and to be honest I care not, I’ll do what I do, and you won’t see me standing in one single spot.

©2014 Joakim Andersson


One of Love born to be

chasing shadows of formers lives created by me.

Lost in creation the spirit needs be

casting shadows, run and be free.

Remember, confused the created always must be

amazed by the life I created for you, I see.

You and me once more shall be

together in unity – finally set free.

Calling once more, I beg from me

spread love unconditional and free

to the one, whoever the receiver will be,

be it you or be it me, Does it matter

We are all one, one you see

in the mirror, the mirror that is me.

© 2014 Joakim Andersson


The ground whispers promises from an unbound time,

the water flows through thy worldly spine.

When one becomes none and the wizard laughs,

the none is bound in a timeless path, only to be remembered by those who were last.

Bound and unbound in one single blast

the world spins and flows apart.

As one is none and none is one, the only one can breath at last.

© 2014 Joakim Andersson

Colours of Time

Walking by misty grey houses, images of twisty colours in mind espouses.

Walking upwards stairs on fire, shaking hands, lurching desire.

Streets shine of reflective lights, calling sensation, its nothing more than a luring vibration. Shading some, one complete nation, but what type of creation?

Consume, reform, run fast, and throw away your reborn.  Shh..  lower your voice, don’t even think of making a noise, ignore, stand in line, conform give up your true bourn.

Questions rise in my mind, who am I? Am I blind?

Who holds the power, never mind, what’s the hour?

Time ticking, moments flicking. Stand up, raise your voice, we all have a choice. Follow, leave your hollow, fly now, my dear dear swallow.

Black birds, brightened wings, coloured sky, memory sings. Naturally blind, colours, no mind, remind, is it time to re-wind?

Colours climb, colours blind, colours what will you find?

Reflection in mind, reflection is all that we will find in a world, a world that is blind.

© 2014 Joakim Andersson

Numerical Dreams


Digital terror, a virus, zeroes and one’s, a humanity error.

A bad connection, lost online,

chasing arithmetical design, but in real life your absence will shine.

No compass and no map, its time to shut down and take a nap.

Empathy distraction, your mind have become a megabit fraction.

Always connected in a world so real, does anyone care what you really feel?

Creating a world where all is wireless,

Clear thoughts of mind we all digress, a piece of consciousness for us to suppress.

Disconnected from you and from me, disconnected in the end we all shall be,

in a world where we all connect and think we are free.

© 2014 Joakim Andersson