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Big changes for is in process of a big makeover.

I’m in the process of changing the store, and the printing company, I’m also in the process of updating all designs, as well as changing the whole site. At the same time I’m trying to complete the ca 20 paintings I’ve been working on lately.

please be patient..

Support The Letter

Stöd mitt Globala fredsprojekt “The Letter” och se till att breven postas och när människorna i maktpositionerna.

Kostnaderna för ett brev samt porto är 120:-

Så stöd förändringen vi alla vill se i världen, tillsammans kan vi gör en förändring.

Swish (+46 76 039 98 55)


Läs mer om projektet på 

Please help me make sure one letter at time can reach one human.

The cost for one letter to be made and posted is (Sek) 120:-

Contribute for change either trough paypal or swish.

The Letter will be posted in

New T-Shirts

New T-shirts have arrived in the shop, “Humble Flow” and “Solution” also known as the “Seahorse” and the “Hand”.

All in premium quality.. so go to the store now and get a unique t-shirt.

A passion for poetry

Finally I’ve started to publish my poetry online, most of them are in English but there will be some in Swedish later on.

Most of my poems are from a collection that I call “Stories in an endless rhyme“.

Every week I will publish at least one poem in random order, sometimes 2, depends on how I feel.

So if you like poems, sit back, stay tuned and enjoy.

You can read all my poems here.