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Inspired by the unconditional love and care I felt when I was in Sri Lanka for my dear friend Ruwan Dep’s wedding in 2011.

It represents the Oneness of it all, we are all One family on One planet.

Yet sometimes we do not act like it…

Oneness_small copy

Global Feminism

Feminism, it is beneficial for humanity and it is important to understand that it is not a question of a gender struggle it’s a question of humanity.

This is my contribution to gender equality and humanity. This is one of many steps towards a more equal, tolerant and caring world. A real world, where we accept and care for each other, not struggle and fight each other.

So show your support for humanity.

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“Knowledge without love is a separation of being”The owl represents knowledge or wisdom but it also represents the female, and in ancient times – the goddess Isis.

With this design I want to merge the goddess, the wisdom and love to remind us about that once the female was considered the wisest of us all, but I also want o highlight that without love, knowledge is just knowledge, but with love, compassion and empathy, knowledge can do a great many things for us all.

So remember;
To think without our hearts is not to think at all…


This beautiful little creature is very persistent in her search for nectar.

Our nectar is our hearts deepest desires and our dreams.

So with this design I just want to keep it simple and say;

Follow your lives nectar and never give up, and even if you feel that you are to small, the truth is you’re not. Stay strong and true to yourselves, stand up for what you believe in and fly freely in you search for new life giving flowers…


Humble Flow

The Ocean is both furious and calm, it consist of countless water drops. It supports countless of life forms, and one of them is the seahorse, a humble creature in a sometimes chaotic habitat.

We are just the same; countless human drops in an ocean we call humanity. Sometimes the world and our life around us seems to be in chaos, the seahorse is here to remind us to try to be humble, gentle and loving to inspire us all towards a life full of peace.


The solution is in our hands.

A helping hand, or a friendly hand is all that is needed sometimes to make a change.
This hand is here to represent just that. A helping hand, a way to show that we care about each other.

Our hands are used to create things in this world.

Our hands help create what we imagine in our minds.

Our hands are the tools to change the world.

In the center of the hand is the source of all creativity which is represented by the lotus flower, a powerful source of knowledge, love, peace and understanding. Around the lotus the hand grows, in and out in different forms and shapes all representing the different forms and shapes of ourselves and the lives we live.

So please give a helping hand to a brother or sister in need.



From the center of the circle everything is created and the flow goes in and out mixing water, earth, wood and plants; a representation of Gaia, Mother Earth. This design is here to remind us of our only home: Planet Earth and how all things in nature is dependent on each other. A reminder of the Natural flow and that we have to start to care.

Life inside

“Life inside is all the same, but what do we see when we are blinded by the light?”


The light that blinds us from the real truth is the visual light that reflects and creates the material world, a world full of differences and opposites. A world drenched in fear and hatred, a world based on visual illusions. The truth behind it all is that we all derive from the same molecules and particles, no matter our outside differences. I created this design to highlight this illusion, and I chose to do it with a skull, a part that we all share, inside. I used a style inspired from traditional Maori art and “mokos” with lines representing growth and change together with a flower representing the third eye. These are the different versions.

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life represents the beauty of Life and Death, and is here to remind us that Life would not be what it is without its counterpart; Death. The different petals of the flower represents waves of change and energy that forever flows in and out of existence in different forms. And the skull represents Death of course, a symbol to remind us that Death is always near, a way to appreciate Life even more.