“Showing a world behind the everyday world through art, designs, photos and poetry.”

My Background:

I’ve always been a creative soul, wondering and questioning almost everything in this world, but it all really started in 2011, 3 years after I came back from Australia and my short but intense time @ Edith Covan University in Perth, studying Visual Arts.

I decided to spread my art and try to make an impact, a way to reach out with my ideas and my global view of the world.

It took about 2 years before I found my true inspiration and a clear Idea of what I wanted.

My Education

2007-2008 I studied Visual Arts @ Edith Covan University, in Perth Australia
2009-2012 I studied Human Rights @ Malmö University and got my Bachelor degree -12


2006-2013 I worked @ Dröse & Norberg Entertainment as a Sound/Light engineer for various dinner shows and theatres.

My designs

My designs are inspired by traditional Maori style which can be found in their facial tattoo’s (Moko’s) and wooden carvings. I have chosen this style is because I fell in love with their designs and country pre 2005 and I believe that the ancient cultures around the world can have a very positive impact on the modern man.

The designs I make depict a special object that humans usually have a fixed idea or feeling about and is made  of several different small patterns, waves and other object that tell a different story, or feeling. The patterns move in and out from the object and represents the natural forces always changing and growing.

I want the viewer to be able to drift away in their own imagination and see what they want and need to see/feel and experience.


My Paintings.

At the moment I’m painting energies that either emerge within me or that connect through me, acting as a painter for the spirits.

Let’s call it Energetic painting or Shamanic painting.


The idea with my art is to show that behind everything we see and think we know  in this world is something completely different, and very beautiful.

My goal

Is to affect people through art, to inspire people, to show them another view of the world, A world behind the visual objects surrounding us.

I’m trying to spread my own universal view of acceptance and love into a world full of imaginary fear of change and differences.

/ Love

Joakim Glimregn

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