Colours of Time

Walking by misty grey houses, images of twisty colours in mind espouses.

Walking upwards stairs on fire, shaking hands, lurching desire.

Streets shine of reflective lights, calling sensation, its nothing more than a luring vibration. Shading some, one complete nation, but what type of creation?

Consume, reform, run fast, and throw away your reborn.  Shh..  lower your voice, don’t even think of making a noise, ignore, stand in line, conform give up your true bourn.

Questions rise in my mind, who am I? Am I blind?

Who holds the power, never mind, what’s the hour?

Time ticking, moments flicking. Stand up, raise your voice, we all have a choice. Follow, leave your hollow, fly now, my dear dear swallow.

Black birds, brightened wings, coloured sky, memory sings. Naturally blind, colours, no mind, remind, is it time to re-wind?

Colours climb, colours blind, colours what will you find?

Reflection in mind, reflection is all that we will find in a world, a world that is blind.

© 2014 Joakim Andersson